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Tryout Policy

Tryout Policy

The University of Mary Washington is a proud member of NCAA Division III.  As a Division III institution, we do not offer athletic scholarships nor do we utilize the National Letter of Intent program.  However, all of our sports are very competitive and spots on rosters must be offered and earned.  Each head coach has the autonomy to determine the size and make-up of the roster for their sport.  If the head coach offers a prospective student-athlete a tryout, the tryout will include at least one opportunity in sport-related activity observed by the head coach during the championship or non-championship segment.  The head coach will make the determination as to whether a tryout opportunity will be offered to a prospective student-athlete.  All roster spots are evaluated annually, based on criteria such as academic and athletic performance, team commitment and chemistry, and social responsibility.  Any questions about a current or prospective student-athlete’s status on a roster should be directed to that sport’s head coach.

Additional UMW Rowing Roster/Tryout Policy: 

Student-athletes who demonstrate acceptable ergometer technique and acceptable weight-adjusted performance on an ergometer may request to be added to the UMW Rowing roster, and will pay the appropriate dues.  Coxswains will also be assessed and will pay dues once added to the roster.  Rowers or coxswains may be removed from the roster, or perhaps not added to the roster, if the head coach deems there to be a significant safety issue with the student-athlete in a rowing shell, or if the student-athlete is not performing to an acceptable minimum standard such that the student-athlete is a significant detriment to the performance of other student-athletes in the boat.  Student-athletes must be able to pass the swim test, must watch the safety video, and meet UMW Athletic Department medical requirements for concussion baselining, sickle-cell testing, and random drug screening.

Rowers on the roster are not guaranteed seats in competitive rowing events.  Seating in boats will be based on a combination of technical ability in a rowing shell, weight-adjusted erg scores, and other factors such as attendance.  Modified forms of seat-racing may also be used at the discretion of the head coach.  For fall season, erg testing will be 5K, and for spring season, erg testing will be 2K.  One erg test is required each semester, but rowers may repeat the erg test as often as they desire.  A color-coding scheme will be applied to the weight-adjusted erg scores.  In general, less favorable weight-adjusted erg scores in the white and yellow categories should not expect to be seated for competitive race events.