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Donate/Giving to UMW Rowing

University of Mary Washington Rowing is an intercollegiate athletic team that has been in existence for over 35 years. The team’s mission has always been to support health, fitness, and unparalleled teamwork while continuously extending the beautiful nature of the sport to students of all backgrounds and abilities. As of the 2015-2016 academic year, UMW Men’s and Women’s Rowing will be considered UMW Team Sports after a long tenure as a NCAA Division III Varsity Team, and a one-year period of club sport status. Team sport status will not significantly improve the annual budget situation, leaving the team heavily dependent on dues and fund-raising. The goal for the 2016-2017 season is to significantly grow the program as a team sport while representing UMW at the highest levels of competition possible.

Your contributions will directly support the University of Mary Washington Rowing program to ensure we have the necessary financial resources to subsidize the cost of purchasing new equipment, maintaining our existing equipment, and competing in regattas.  Your gifts will not only allow the UMW Rowing teams to successfully compete for years to come, but will also help us grow knowledgeable rowers and coxswains who will be better positioned to continue their involvement in rowing by coaching at the high school level, or by coaching or active participation at the masters level.

Interested in helping out?  There are several ways you can help UMW Rowing.  Donations to the UMW Foundation, support of our ergathons and other fund-raising activities, supporting our rent-a-rower program, or donating specific items needed by the team.  Each of these is outlined below.  If you are interested in more information, contact our Vice President of Fundraising, Olivia Taylor (

Although not tax deductible, your attendance at the regattas is especially welcome, and we heartily thank you for the support, encouragement, and great food you provide.

Donations to the UMW Foundation

The best way to contribute is through on-line donations made to the UMW Foundation, since these contributions are tax deductible.  When giving to the UMW Foundation, please specify either Friends of Men’s Rowing or Friends of Women’s Rowing.

Online Giving Directions

Go to the UMW Athletics On-line Giving web page:

Click on the “Give Now” button

Fill out the required information, and in the area of “Your Gift”, where it asks you to allocate your gift, please select either “Friends of Men’s Rowing” or “Friends of Women’s Rowing”.

UMW Rowing sincerely thanks you for your generosity.  Your gifts will be used to help us represent UMW to the best of our abilities.

Ergathons and Fund-Raising Activities

Once per semester, the rowing team will stage an ergathon on central campus, and will stream the event live.  We may sell items on campus for a slight profit, or donations, but we especially appreciate gifts made to UMW Rowing through the UMW Foundation during these events.  See above for instructions for on-line giving.

As a UMW Team Sport, we are allowed to participate in the annual fall-semester UMW Varsity Raffle.  Raffle tickets cost $25, with the winner receiving a substantial cash prize.  We may also have other miscellaneous fund-raising activities during the year, such as a support night at Chipotle’s.  Your participation in these activities is also appreciated.


Need assistance raking leaves, shoveling snow, or any other outdoor chores? With UMW Rowing’s Rent-a-Rower program, you can have a team of strong rowers at your door ready and willing to help!  Contact our Vice President of Fundraising, Olivia Taylor ( to schedule your assistance. 

Donations of Equipment (Gift in Kind)

Equipment gifts are also welcome, but must be worked with the assistance of the UMW Foundation and the head coach to ensure you are properly credited for your tax records, and to ensure the gift item is useful to the team.  Examples of gifts in kind given in the past include the following: a Pocock single racing shell, a team tent to be used at regattas, a Model D erg, 2 new gas containers and hoses, 3 work stands to help in loading boats on the trailer, two new PFD bags, and Coast Guard approved lights for the boats.  These and other such gifts are greatly appreciated.  Contact our Head Coach Rich Adams, for more information about special donations of equipment.

Equipment currently needed:

·     One Blue Ocean coaching megaphone, from Nielsen-Kellerman ( ), estimated cost about $400.

·     One additional coxswain cold weather suit, from xxx ( web site ), estimated cost about $400

·     New boats are always nice, but are also very expensive.  Cost estimates range from $15,000 for a double/pair to more than $30,000 for an 8-oared shell made in North America.