April 28, 2012

UMW Rowers Compete at MARC Championships

The University of Mary Washington men's and women's rowing teams competed at the Mid Atlantic Rowing Conference championships on Saturday. The men finished fourth among four teams while the women took sixth among seven schools.

Women's Varsity 8
Coxswain Caitlin McCafferty, Stroke Athena Golden, 7 Liz Howard, 6 Eva Campbell, 5 Ria Firth, 4 Laura Page, 3 Lauren Gilmore, 2 Elisa Delle Fratte, Bow Clara Coward
Heat #2 Results
UMW finished 3rd in 7:37.7 with a strong tailwind to qualify for the final.
UMW finished 6th in 7:57.6 with no wind.
There were 7 novice walk-ons in the varsity event and rowed really well. With time and more experienced, they are well positioned to do well in the future.
Men's Varsity 4+
Coxswain Diana Pistochini, Stroke Wes Host, 3 Alex Erskine, 2 James Hutcheson, Bow Kyle Allen.
The men's varsity 4+ had their best race of the year but missed qualifying for the final by 1.4 seconds. This is a very good result especially considering that 3 of the 5 athletes are novices in the current positions in the crew. With time, they will be qualifying and doing well in finals.
Women's Novice 4+
Coxswain Mary Meola, Stroke Kimmy Slater, 3 Katie Douthitt, 2 Tesia Zogran-Werness, Bow Ali Webb.
Heat #2 Results
The novice 4+ had their best row of the year finishing 4th of 4 in a time of 8:50.1 with a tailwind in the heat but qualified for the final by means of their fast time in the heat.
In the final, the crew improved on their performance finishing 4th out of six in 9:13.7 without wind, beating two crews from the heat #1.
They finished the season with their best performance.
Women's Novice 8
Coxswain Caitlin McCafferty, Stroke Athena Golden, 7 Liz Howard, 6 Elisa Delle Fratte, 5 Ria Firth, 4 Aidan Coleman, 3 Lauren Gilmore, 2 Kimmy Slater, Bow Clara Coward
In a final only event, the novice 8 event was won by Division 1 school Bucknell , with UMW 2nd in a time of 7:58.6.
UMW started the race extremely well 45 seconds in front of Scranton and 1:06 minutes in front of St. Mary's.
It was also their best race of the year.
The teams look forward to competing in the Mid Atlantic Collegiate Championship May 6th and at the Dad Vail Regatta May 11-12.