February 27, 2012

UMW's Wes Host Wins Golden Hammer at Colonial Erg Sprints

Wes Host lead the UMW Men's rowing team at the Colonial Erg Sprints at William and Mary University with a victory in the Men's Open category.

Host posted a personal best 6:39.1 performance over the 2,000-meter distance. His effort was good enough for a two-second victory. Host, a sophomore, bested 17 other athletes from UMW, University of Richmond, VCU, JMU, and William and Mary.

Other UMW competitors in the Open event included Bob Ericson who continues to improve. He finished 13th with a time of 7:03.9. While James Hutcheson, fighting a cold, finished 16th in a time of 7:06.5.

In the Novice event, Colin Schulz competed well in his first ergatta. He finished 21st out 33 competitors in a time of 7:37.3.

“The Colonial Erg Sprints was a great way for the men's team to end the indoor competitive season,” according to Coach Wilson. “Everyone has improved and is looking forward to the Spring Break Trip to South Carolina.”

Both the men's and women's team head to Camp Bob Cooper in Summerton, SC, for spring break on March 3rd.