Athletic Hall of Fame

Established in 1996, the University of Mary Washington Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes the top individuals and teams in the history of the athletic program at the school.

The 2016 UMW Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony will coincide with a home basketball doubleheader on January 30, and include receptions with student-athletes, introductions during the basketball game, a cocktail reception, followed by the induction.

We have a fantastic slate of events planned for our inductees and the UMW community. We will begin with a reception for the inductees and our current student-athletes at 11:00am in the Anderson Center that will consist of light snacks, introductions of each nominee, a few brief words from each inductee and questions from current UMW student-athletes.

The President’s Box suite at the Anderson Center will be open and available to the inductees and their families throughout the day, including for the home basketball doubleheader against Wesley College. The women’s game starts at 1:00 p.m., followed by the men at 3:00. At halftime of the men’s game (approximately 3:45), we will introduce each inductee at half court.

The Banquet will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a cash bar cocktail hour at the new University Center, located off of College Avenue.  At 7:00 p.m. there will be a welcome, followed by dinner and the program. Our emcee will introduce each inductee, and you will be asked to speak for 5-7 minutes. We hope to be concluded at 9:00 p.m., at which point we plan to gather informally off campus for social time.


Saturday January 30, 2016 “Hall of Fame Day”

11:00 Reception for inductees with current student-athletes, Anderson Center concourse

1:00 WBB v Wesley

3:00 MBB v Wesley

Inductees introduced at halftime of men’s game

President’s Box or Eagle Lounge available to inductees and their families all day

6:00pm Cocktail reception

7:00pm Induction ceremony banquet (University Center)

UMW Athletic Hall of Famers, Nomination Process

If you would like to nominate someone for the UMW Athletic Hall of Fame, please use THIS FORM. Athletes must have finished their careers at least ten years before they may be nominated.

Class of 1996
Ethel Armstrong '63
Ruth Bonner Grosskopf '85
Frank Gilmore '84
Bill Lohr '86
Deb Reid '82
1982 AIAW Champion W. Tennis Team

Class of 1997
Buddy Hawley '87
Pam Heller '87
Jenny Utz '82

Class of 1998
President William Anderson
1988 NCAA Champion W. Tennis Team

Class of 1999
Dr. Edward Hegmann
Glenn Smith '89

Class of 2000
Scott Karr '90
Peggy McKelvey '88
Shane Shackford '90

Class of 2001
Dan Beverly '91
Kim Cosgriff '91
Dave Lausten '91
1991 NCAA Champion W. Tennis Team

Class of 2002
Sean Carpenter '90
Christy Copper '91
Diane DeFalco '91

Class of 2003
Tammy Buhite '93
Matt Mejia '93
Sheri Whited '91

Class of 2004
Don Purcell '93
Leslie Roland '94

Class of 2005
Lesley Krush '93
April Moshos '94
Tony Trepal '93

Class of 2006
Sarah King '96
Jeff Kramer '96
Candice Malone '94

Class of 2007
Jon Gates '97
Jeff Hootselle '97
Tim Selgas '97
Myra Simpson '97

Class of 2008
Eliza Barcus '96
Eliza Huber Scott '96
Chris Rice '98
Jennifer Wilson Buck '94

Class of 2009
Chris Blelloch '97
Charlotte Cockrell '98
Eric Guyton '99
Felicity Smith '98
Chris Wallace '97

Class of 2010
Mariah Butler '00
Craig Gillan '98
Johanna Klein '00
Stephanie Lowe '96
Kim Myers '00 

Class of 2011
Roy Gordon
Yurissa Mitchell '00
Lea Schon '01
Stefanie Teter '96
Jin Wong '97

Class of 2012
Kim Alvis '00
Ellen Anderson '01
Bridget Geiman '01
Erik Kochert '02
Jessica Morris '02

Class of 2013-14
Bobby Bergin '03
Dan Dupras '03
Tom Sheridan
Conor Smith '03
1993 Field Hockey Team

Class of 2014-15
Melissa Block '04
Carol Hawley '84
Tamalyn Reed '93
Megan Reese '98
1997 Men's Soccer Team

Class of 2015-16
Erin Caulfield '01
Peter Diamond '03
Stan Soper
Tasha Thomas '95
1992 Women's Soccer Team